…Aus den Feedbackbögen ging hervor, dass die Veranstaltung als sehr nützlich bewertet wurde und aus studentischer Sicht weiterempfohlen wird: „I consider the webinar very useful and I would recommend it to other students “.
Als besonderes Merkmal wurde vor allem die interaktive Art des Webinars hervorgehoben: „I found it very helpful and a lot of pending answers were nicely answered. The structure of the session was very interactive and interesting! “…

Christian Erkenbrecher

Career Service Leiter, Hochschule Coburg

Success @ Unsolicited Applications  was originally developed in English to help international bachelor and master students to prepare applications to companies without the presence of a specific job advertisement. Since the first time it was done for the Hochschule Chemnitz (University), we have been offering it not only to universities but also to leasing agencies and employment companies. Knowing what to write and how to find out the information has proven to be extremely useful.

The course now takes place online as well as offline and is also offered to individuals in the open webinars.

The course is very comprehensive and is an integral part of the Success @ series.


These aspects are covered:

  • What is an unsolicited application and why they are so important
  • Which firms are best for unsolicited applications
  • What kind of research is required for a good unsolicited application
  • Elements of a unsolicited cover letter
  • What to put in your unsolicited application + an example of an unsolicited applicaton
  • How to put yourself in the spotlight
  • Highlighting your strengths
  • Elevator pitch

Bonuses: Download PDFs of Useful Vocabulary and Possible Interview Questions

Success @ Webinars (open courses)

These webinars are on demand and so they can be seen at your leisure but are not live. They do, however, provide all the information that you would get in the live online training courses. They do not include your own questions and answers which the trainer answers. Nor do they include the live brainstorming sessions with other students.

Success @ Live Online Training (open courses)

These webinars are live and so they can only be seen at the time given below. Both the webinars and the live online training provide the same basic information, but also include question and answer sessions and are extremely informative due to the live brainstorming sessions with other students.

Success @ Unsolicited Applications (closed courses)

These live online courses are designed for companies, universities and for employment agencies. The courses are not open. They are booked individually by one corporate customer and all details are discussed with them. The courses contain  all the information that you would get in the live online training courses including participants  own questions the live brainstorming sessions with other students. The participants receive certificates of participation.

Success @ Unsolicited Applications (open webinar)

Dateon demand
Dateon demand


€ 99,-€ 69,-


Success@ Unsolicited Applications LOT (Live Online Training – open)



€ 99,-€ 69,-


Success @ Unsolicited Applications LOTC (companies, universities and agencies)



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