“I was always a little unsure of just what should go in a cover letter – after this webinar, I have no more questions”

“I particularly liked the brainstorming sessions and the way the trainer answered all the questions.“

“At the begining, I didn’t know what to expect, but it was worth it”.

“The webinar went by so fast, I didn’t realise it had already been two hours.”

Studenten des Webinars


Success @ Cover Letters (esp. for the German Market)  was originally developed in English to help international bachelor and master students to write good cover letters in order to have the best chances of getting noticed. This seminar & webinar has been very successful not only for newcomers to the business world.  

The course now takes place online as well as offline and is also offered to individuals in the open webinars.

This course can give you a headstart over the other applicants and is an integral part of the Success @ series.


These aspects are covered:

  • Which formats can be used and which elements should be included
  • A detailed look at the structure of the cover letter
  • How to express your motivation for applying for that particular job
  • What significance your cover letter has
  • Possible mistakes
  • How to put you and your experience and skills in the spotlight
  • How to use call-to-actions to get a faster reply
  • Focus on what research you should be doing

Bonuses: Download PDFs of Useful Vocabulary and Possible Interview Questions

Success @ Webinars (open courses)

These webinars are on demand and so they can be seen at your leisure but are not live. They do, however, provide all the information that you would get in the live online training courses. They do not include your own questions and answers which the trainer answers. Nor do they include the live brainstorming sessions with other students.

Success @ Live Online Training (open courses)

These webinars are live and so they can only be seen at the time given below. Both the webinars and the live online training provide the same basic information, but also include question and answer sessions and are extremely informative due to the live brainstorming sessions with other students.

Success @ Cover Letters (closed courses)

These live online courses are designed for companies, universities and for employment agencies. The courses are not open. They are booked individually by one corporate customer and all details are discussed with them. The courses contain  all the information that you would get in the live online training courses including participants  own questions the live brainstorming sessions with other students. The participants receive certificates of participation.

Success @ Cover Letters (open webinar)



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Date on demand


Success @ Cover Letters

LOT (Live Online Training – open)

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Date wird noch bekanntgegeben


€ 99.- € 69,-


Success @ Cover Letters

LOTC (companies, universities and agencies)



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