Typical mistakes in English - DO you make them?

What are typical mistakes in English - and do you make them? WAS SIND TYPISCHE FEHLER IM ENGLISCHEN - UND MACHEN SIE SIE AUCH?

Typical mistakes – anyone can make them…. just remember:
Mistakes are the seeds from which the trees of knowledge grow.



  • It depends on! =  It depends!
  • I’ll call you on 11 am. = I’ll call you at 11 am.
  • It needs to be finished until Wednesday = It needs to be finished by Wednesday.
  • They have lived here since 10 years = They have lived here for 10 years.
  • For two years, I went to London on holiday. = Two years ago, I went to London on holiday.
  • Jake and Susan built the house by their own = Jake and Susan built their house on their own (or by themselves)
  • I live in the near of the station = I live near the station

Talking about people

  • She is <>busdriver = She is a busdriver.
  • The head hurts = My head hurts