Gold fish jumping out of a bowl full of fish and into a bowl with only water in it






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Are you any old goldfish – or do you stand out? Don’t just think outside of the box – be the one to make impact!

Not a goldfish like any other!

by Rosie Norman-Neubauer -Tweak2Speak Mentor/English-German

Not thinking outside of the box – more than that – be the one to lead and inspire!
Are you good enough to leave a lasting impression? 

If you rely on the English you had at school – how are you going to shine and dazzle? Stop saying “No problem, they’ll understand me anyway.”
They may, indeed, but are you showing your best self?

Have you ever felt like a goldfish in a crowded bowl, struggling to make your presence known? The picture says it all. This has to be YOU – you are worth it and you have the expertise others may not. The international world is waiting to hear your expertise, find out more about your product and see you as the go-to person you actually are.

Just one thing is missing…. sufficient and competent Business English!

If you take part in the right training, you may very well turn into the fish that stands out – no longer just another face in the crowd. You will be front and center, ready to shine.

So, let’s dive into why mastering Business English can help you stand out and make a lasting impact.


Standing out requires more than just expertise in your field. It requires the ability to express your ideas clearly, confidently, and compellingly.
By improving your English skills, you can break free from the crowd, much like our daring goldfish.


Ever been in a meeting where you had a brilliant idea, but struggled to articulate it effectively? Poor communication can often lead to misunderstandings or missed opportunities. 
Make sure your message is clear, precise, and impactful to position you as a leader


Your communication skills are a reflection of your professional image. Just as that goldfish leaps into the empty bowl and captures attention, polished English can help you present yourself as competent and confident. Whether it’s through emails, reports, or public speaking, strong language skills can enhance your credibility and influence, at the same time fostering trust and enticing collaboration to build stronger connections.


Just like the goldfish making that leap, improving your English can feel daunting at first. But the rewards are well worth it:
– Improved communication skills open up new opportunities
– Stronger relationships
– More impact in your professional life.

So, are you ready to leap into that clear bowl and stand out from the crowd? Embrace the power of better English and watch as you transform your professional presence.

Let’s start a conversation! Have you had any experiences where strong English skills made a difference in your career? Share your stories and tips in the comments below.

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